Have you probably noticed that all invitations to cooperation in the MLM structure company, on all social media, are so sparse?

If you are looking for a way to recruit more people to your MLM business, you might have noticed that most social media posts are very vague and unappealing. Here is how to fix it.

Experts’ Case Analysis by Geekkod

An attempt at achieving success in MLM recruitment by posting short, even laconic information has no practical application.

You also need to consider that social media platforms are not very friendly to long and detailed posts unless you pay for them. But even then, you need to have a good understanding of how to create and run ads or boost posts. It is not as simple as it sounds, and it can cost you a lot of money.

Awkward verification and a challenge for your PROSPECTS

From a practical point of view, your prospects have no way of knowing what your offer is about and how it can benefit them. They don’t have the time or interest to investigate a vague offer and respond to it.

A matter of targeting.

Without proper settings when choosing your audience, your posts will reach people and businesses who are not interested in your topic. Even if you reach someone who is interested, they will see many similar offers on the internet that are equally vague.

A solution that works

The situation seems to be a stalemate – how to please social media, stick to the regulations, and at the same time describe more extensively about our offer in the post, since one thing excludes the other.

YOU SHOULD NOT BE DISCOURAGED !!!   only stubbornness will lead you to the goal

At this point, you see how important targeting is.

Someone once told me “Your website is just getting started”, implying that it has poor visibility.
Yes! but everyone who enters it is either looking for something to do for money online or wants to improve their online business.
These are the people you want to meet!!! and invite to cooperate – everyone in one place!

Work Online/R. Janusz Guide is a multilingual e-guide to the world of work online, work from home, internet marketing, notice about the MLM, and freelancer positions available around the world.

On its subpages, it publishes examples of work that can be performed online. Of course, we can say with full confidence that the activities of independent MLM distributors are increasingly moving online.

A large part of network marketers devote themselves entirely to working online, but there are still many who believe that only traditional offline activities supported by a handshake lead to the intended goal.

As always, the truth lies in the middle, applying marketing activities simultaneously in both environments, online and offline, leads to captivating effects.

Work Online/R.Janusz Guide

Work Online/R.Janusz Guide is an online resource that provides information and tips on various aspects of working online, such as working from home, internet marketing, MLM opportunities, and freelance jobs around the world.

It features content that showcases different types of online work that can be done from anywhere. It also acknowledges that MLM distributors are increasingly shifting their business online, while some still prefer the traditional offline methods.

It suggests that the best strategy is to combine both online and offline marketing activities to achieve optimal results.



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