In today’s world, the transmission of information is completely dominated by the image culture. The mass production of video messages has replaced the transmission of written language. Quite a significant part of society in developed countries has lost the ability to read. As the writer Stanislaw Lem said – Most people today do not read, and when they read something, they won’t remember what they read, and if they remember, they don’t understand what they read anyway.

Reality and solutions.

This does not mean, however, that we should deprive our less patient visitors of this website from benefiting from the wisdom contained therein.

So we will take a shortcut instead of immersing ourselves in the boring and long reading of


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Without unnecessary embellishment of linguistic phrases and fancy words, we present Work Online/R.Janusz Guide.

Main Directory Visit  This is the beating heart that fuels Work Online/R. Janusz Guide, providing nourishment for your online endeavors.

It is on this subpage that the great spectacle of the presentation takes place. Here, examples of how you can earn money online are presented.

The presentations cover all possible forms of earning money online, starting with how to make money on Amazon or eBay and further on, what is Affiliate Marketing or the Referral Program, such frequently encountered forms of promotion where customers are generally invited to recommend goods or services with a predetermined percentage compensation 

In this way, countless bloggers, YouTubers, etc. will receive links after posting them on their channels and will collect the promotion fees due to them.

If you are an entrepreneur and your seller uses the Referral Program or Affiliate Marketing, try to encourage people to participate in your referral program by placing an offer on our website,

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Freelancers and Professionals offering their services.

If you are an expert in some field, for example, you do translations (everyone thinks that today AI does it. This is not true. AI does not know specific dialects and industry concepts, it relies on available sources on the Internet and these, in turn, are in literary languages) which is not always enough.

Let’s assume that you are an SEO specialist, or you write engaging texts on request, or you are an artist creating logos for companies or exceptionally beautiful graphics, or entire websites and portals -you can be sure that over time, countless offers for you from portals employing freelancers and professionals will appear on our websites.

You can also take control over the development of your business and, regardless of your participation in Freelance Portals, submit your offer through us, Using EOIA Advertising  Visit


Among the many different activities that you can do online for profit, there is also a category that allows you to receive payments continuously in the future for work once completed.

Passive income is nothing new – it existed long before the appearance of computers and the Internet, the greatest promoters of the possibility of obtaining passive income were Multi-Level Marketing companies, and they still are today.

But life in the era of progress is changing, working conditions are also changing, and few MLM representatives run from house to house with materials under their arms for a private presentation.

A large proportion of MLM distributors work exclusively online, or in a combination of both online and offline environments.

Therefore, with hope bordering on certainty, we can say that a large number of offers inviting you to cooperate with MLM companies will soon be available on our website.



There are many more ways to make money online, we have only outlined the most important ones here.

We are at a very early stage and we are counting on your support and involvement in our common development.